Geekdom Media Launches with First Podcast from ‘The Brand Brothers’

By Iris Gonzalez
Geekdom Media first podcast the Brand Brothers

Former CEO and Geekdom chairman Lorenzo Gomez and tech evangelist, downtown developer, and philanthropist Graham Weston have teamed to launch a new media company—Geekdom Media. The two created Geekdom Media to disseminate original content relevant to the entrepreneurial ecosystem while showcasing world-class experts who reside in San Antonio.

Geekdom Media’s first effort is the Brand Brothers podcast series, hosted by Gomez and branding expert Bill Schley. The podcast’s introductory podcast, episode 0, can be found on the podcast’s website. The first episode is available in the iTunes store and on other podcast platforms.

The two show hosts realized the need to share branding expertise and decided to launch the weekly podcast series. “Brand Brothers” Gomez and Schley share a naturally jocular chemistry that is evident in their banter, having met some years ago after an introduction from Weston. Schley lives in San Antonio part-time in the Pearl Brewery neighborhood.

Bill Schley is a well-known branding expert
Bill Schley is a well-known branding expert and author. Courtesy photo.

Schley is a former New York advertising writer who began his career working with the original Mad Men from the golden age of advertising in the 1960s. He plans to break down his expertise into easily digestible principles of branding.

The second edition of his seminal 2011 book on branding, Micro-Script Rules, will be released in July. Renamed Micro-Script Rules: How to Tell Your Story (or Differentiate your Brand) in a Sentence or Less, Schley added branding examples both good and bad that have occurred since 2011 to the forthcoming edition. The book includes new branding principles to augment the book’s existing ones that are still valid, Schley said.

“The essence is finding the center of the brand and you tell its story—everything flows from that,” Schley said. “The new principles [in the forthcoming second edition] are focused on things like better ways to articulate brands because there are always new insights to gather and pass on.”

The key to good branding, according to Schley, is conveying how your product or service solves a problem for the customer better, making it something the customer needs to have. Hence, M&Ms are the candy you need to buy because they “melt in your mouth, not in your hand.”

“When you understand the power of those great principles, it will put the wind in your back when you’re trying to build a business,” Schley said.

Schley first came to San Antonio to work on Rackspace’s brand after Weston read his first book, Why Johnny Can’t Brand. Schley plans to teach principles that start with an insistence on honesty in branding and marketing.

Gomez is excited about the podcast’s launch and its potential impact on entrepreneurs.

“You can give this content to anyone in our ecosystem, and they can take these branding principles to their nonprofit, business, or startup,” Gomez said. “It will immediately help their company.”

The podcast’s season 1 will focus on the foundational branding principles, with illuminating examples of companies that have done it well or poorly, according to Gomez. Season 1 is complete, with new episodes to be released weekly. Season 2 will feature interviews with entrepreneurs, both local and from beyond San Antonio, who will discuss branding and marketing.

“Bill has a huge database of companies and stories and knows what works and doesn’t work from over two decades of branding experience working with so many different clients,” Gomez said. “We will have guests from all backgrounds because as Bill will tell listeners, the principles are always the same.”

Geekdom Media: Producer of Original Content

Gomez described Geekdom Media as an original content producer that plans to produce podcasts and books, with a half dozen or so books and about the same number of podcasts already in varying stages of production, Gomez said. Geekdom Media will choose mostly local content creators, with some coming from outside of San Antonio.

“Geekdom Media will become a voice for amazing ideas that intersect with our ecosystem,” Gomez said. “We are seeking out those ideas that align with our mission, strategically picking those we think have knowledge that would benefit the Geekdom community.”

David Heard, CEO of Tech Bloc, thinks Weston and Gomez will use “this incredibly helpful and motivational storytelling to help the local community understand the importance of our tech ecosystem.”

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to share the message, inspire people in our ecosystem, and share our tech community’s narrative,” Heard said. “These stories of growth in our tech scene help create our brand.”

With more podcasts and books in Geekdom Media’s pipeline, Gomez is excited about the potential to showcase talent that aligns with the new media company’s mission.

“Every ecosystem has to help create original content,” Gomez said. “Figure out what you’re famous for and create content around those thought leaders.

“What we’re doing is giving them a platform and exposing them to our audience.”

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