Innovative entrepreneurial activity in San Antonio is gaining momentum, and people are noticing.

Our inaugural compilation of 20 companies to watch in 2019 highlighted the types of innovation you can find in San Antonio, Texas.

That first list helped people across the U.S. and beyond discover entrepreneurs in bioscience and healthcare, cybersecurity, SaaS, augmented and virtual reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, and tech used for social impact.

We published stories about these startups in a magazine-sized, softcover book and sold out our first print run.

We don’t repeat company mentions from year to year, so you’re getting a look at the growing (unranked) list of startups to watch for growth, innovation, and potential to have an impact at scale given time.

These new companies (and one honorable mention) are leveraging innovation in impactful ways with promising early-stage traction and market-product fit to show for their efforts.

Based on research, we included startups that:

  • Are privately-owned company
  • Have revenue potential (if they are pre-revenue)
  • Generate $5 million or less in revenue
  • Possess 50 or fewer employees
  • Have raised Series A or earlier funding rounds
  • Have been in existence for five years or less
Cover photo Book 2019

Allosense is developing platform for managing patent-pending smart sensors that can track assets.
Read more: Geekdom Startup Allosense Wins Air Force Funding for Asset Trackers

Leaptran advanced sub-metering package of advanced technologies helps large buildings optimize energy and manage increased demands for energy by integrating building energy management.
Read more: UTSA Startup Leaptran Wins Award for Sustainable Energy Innovation

Cyber Warrior Network launched the first cyber skills training and verification video game powered by artificial intelligence.
Read more: CyberWraith Video Game New Way to Close Cybersecurity Workforce Gap

Quickpath has a software application program interface, or API, that helps businesses lacking the specialized AI expertise connect different datasets to fuel machine learning AI.
Read more: Big Data Analytics Startup Quickpath Scaling as Machine Learning-Powered AI Demand Grows

Easy Expunctions is the first and only online automated expunctions provider in the legal tech space.
Read more: Easy Expunctions Shares Vision for Social Impact

Rectify is a data protection and privacy company that automates sensitive data redacting for its clients.
Read more: Data Privacy Startup Rectify Wins $50K Prize at Tech Fuel Pitch Competition

Enflux developed its analytics software as a service for health science universities to track student performance, a leading indicator for schools maintaining accreditation status.
Read more: A Big Partnership for Higher Ed Data Analytics, Enflux Partners with ExamSoft

Renu Robotics is manufacturing self-running mowers that don’t need supervision to help solar power operations reduce their maintenance and labor costs.
Read more: Renu Robotics Uses Crowdfunding to Scale Autonomous Robotic Tractors Company

FloatMe  enables workers to get a “float” or short-term advance on their next paycheck without paying hefty fees or interest.
Read more: Fintech Startup FloatMe Closes $250,000 Pre-Seed Round

Sendspark is a video outreach platform for businesses to record and send personalized videos via email to buyers.
Read more: SendSpark Closes $300,000 Pre-Seed Round Led by Active Capital

Honorable mention

Lux Turn Technologies won the top prize at Trinity University’s Louis H. Stumberg Venture Competition for their after-market motorcycle signal accessory that illuminates the ground with signals for better cyclist safety.
Read more: Cycling Safety Tech Startup Wins Trinity University’s Stumberg Venture Competition

San Antonio startups to watch in 2019

BioBridge Global is a nonprofit company leveraging its diverse biomedical services to meet critical medical industry needs.
Read: BioBridge Global To Scale Biomanufacturing at Merchants Ice Complex

GenCure provides cell and tissue services for regenerative medicine, including patient treatment and clinical research.
Read: BioBridge Global To Scale Biomanufacturing at Merchants Ice Complex

Braustin Mobile Homes leverages technology to make mobile homeownership feasible for more home buyers.
Read: Buy a Braustin Home Using an App on Your Cellphone

Inflow is focused on innovative cyber and information technology (IT) services in support of U.S. national security.
Read: Innovative Cybersecurity Services for National Security Drive Inflow’s Growth

Brokerage Engine is an online SaaS platform for broker agents and brokerage firms.
Read: Broker Expertise and Rackspace Experience Behind Brokerage Engine Startup

Intrinsic Imaging is a full-service medical imaging core lab focused on supporting clinical trials for medical devices.
Read: Intrinsic Imaging Radiologist Develops Artificial Intelligence Tool to Streamline Workloads

Chargify offers a SaaS customized customer subscriber billing services for businesses.
Read: Chargify Grows As SaaS Companies Need More Flexible Billing

Kinetech Cloud is an IT consulting and software development firm specializing in enterprise custom app development.
Read: City of San Antonio and Kinetech Cloud Launch New Utility Assistance Program Application

Cityflag bridges the gap between city governments and their residents with civic engagement software platforms.
Read: San Antonio Launches Cityflag 311 App

Olifant Medical is a medical device company bringing the next-generation airwar device to the market.
Read: UT Health SA Clinician-Entrepreneur Invents Next-Generation Airway Device

CyberFortress provides small to mid-market businesses cyber insurance coverage.
Read: Tailored for Smaller Businesses, CyberFortress Delivers New Kind of Cyber Insurance

PATCH is an internet-connected medicine bottle invented by two Trinity University students.
Read: Trinity University Students Launch Smart Pill Bottle for Clinical Trials—PATCH

Dauber is a SaaS solution designed for the dump truck industry.
Read: Construction Trucking Loaded with Opportunity for Tech Startup Dauber

Plus One Robotics equips industrial robots with their proprietary computer vision and artificial intelligence for enhanced automation.
Read: San Antonio Startup Plus One Robotics Raises $8.3M

DC Industries creates customized cybersecurity and information technology training for transitioning military service members.
Read: Startup Companies DC Industries and Ractive Develop Cybersecurity VR Training

QualTex provides biological testing services to screen whole blood and plasma donations for international biotechnology customers.
Read: BioBridge Global To Scale Biomanufacturing at Merchants Ice Complex

Dearduck’s SaaS platform helps businesses provide personalized recommendations for their customers to make informed purchases.
Read: Dearduck Makes it Easier to Buy for Others

Ractive works with game studios, government agencies, and businesses to develop cinematics and virtual reality experiences.
Read: Startup Companies DC Industries and Ractive Develop Cybersecurity VR Training

Flightpath Finance gives mid-market companies current financial modeling forecasting and modeling capabilities.
Read: Flightpath Finance Closes $515K Seed Round, Wins $25K Geekdom Community Fund

Reckon Point specializes in indoor navigation, positioning, and scanning technologies.
Read: Reckon Point’s Indoor Airport Wayfinding App Places Startup on the Map

FunnelAI uses artificial intelligence to automate the sales lead generation and marketing process for companies.
Read: FunnelAI ‘s Artificial Intelligence Finds Real-time Customer Leads in Social Media

StemBioSys is a life-science tool company specializing in stem and progenitor cells, matrices, media, and other reagents.
Read: BioBridge Global To Scale Biomanufacturing at Merchants Ice Complex

GaitIQ is a primary healthcare SaaS application using machine learning and AI software designed to detect early signs of dementia.
Read: GaitIQ Spots Early Signs of Alzheimer’s in Your Walk

The IMG Studio creates client-focused content leveraging video production, animation, web, virtual and augmented reality, and customized applications.
Read: The IMG Studio Develops First VR Basketball Game for Adaptive, Paralympic Sports

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