Startup Grind To Interview David Monroe at SA Museum of Science and Technology

By Iris Gonzalez
An image of two Tesla coils in front of a group of students

Startup Grind will host their next event at the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology  (SAMSAT) at Port San Antonio. The fireside chat guest will be founder David Monroe, SAMSAT founder and director. The event will be June 27 starting at 6:00 p.m.

Register for your tickets online and use the code “startups.” First ten to register using this code will receive a free ticket.

SAMSAT opened in 2016 and moved to Port San Antonio in 2017. Located in the Port’s 14,000-sq. ft. Mabry Conference Center at 102 Mabry Drive, SAMSAT delivers science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education programs in partnership with area educators and other stakeholders starting this summer.

The museum explores the past, present, and future of technology with different technological displays dating from the 1800s to the modern era. Monroe amassed the large collection, including hundreds of items ranging from early computing machines to first-generation inventions that have revolutionized the world, such as wireless networks, camera phones, and cybersecurity hardware. A small, but incredible portion of the vast collection is currently on display.

Display of first Datapoint computers at San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology - Startup Grind
Display of first Datapoint computers at San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology. Photo credit: Iris Gonzalez

Monroe has forty years’ experience in the commercial and government electronics business in San Antonio. In college, he interned at Computer Terminal Corporation, which became the Datapoint Corporation. Monroe held multiple positions at Datapoint including vice president of research and development. Monroe contributed to the evolution of the personal computer, microprocessor technology, desktop video teleconferencing, image sensors, government tactical imaging systems and communications and cellphone image transmission.

Oh, and that camera in your cell phone? It was invented by Monroe.

Not only will you hear compelling stories of early technological innovation in San Antonio, attendees will be able to view the collection on display at the Mabry preview center.

The featured image is a demonstration of Tesla coils in action powering fluorescent tubes at SAMSAT. Come to Startup Grind June 27 and you will probably get to experience this for yourself!


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