Dura Software Acquires Workforce Optimization Software Company DVSAnalytics, Inc.

By Iris Gonzalez
The entrance to Dura Software, a holding company in downtown San Antonio. Photo credit: Startups San Antonio

Dura Software, a holding company specializing in acquiring and operating hyper-niche software products, acquired DVSAnalytics, Inc., an industry leader in developing workforce optimization solutions for contact centers.

DVSAnalytics is Dura’s sixth acquisition to date. DVSAnalytics provides software tools for the contact center space in the telecommunications sector, especially in demand as more employees work from home since the pandemic’s start in 2020.

“We believe our business model will enable the DVSAnalytics team to accelerate the development and growth of its workforce optimization platform,” Dura Software CEO Paul Salisbury wrote in a statement released Tuesday. “Their highly reliable solution and strong reputation for delivering great customer outcomes across multiple industries gives us the confidence that DVSAnalytics can not only win in its category, but it can become a market leader.”

Founded in 1983, DVSAnalytics has provided essential tools to contact centers such as interaction recording, interaction data and analytics, speech analytics, performance management, agent engagement, and workforce management. Dura Software plans to help DVSAnalytics scale its growth with new strategic partner relationships and expanding its customer base across all industries, such as finance, banking, healthcare, and other sectors with contact centers.

Chris Williams will serve as CEO of DVSAnalytics. With over 25 years of experience, Williams is a veteran of the telecommunications industry. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, DVSAnalytics, Inc. will move its headquarters to San Antonio, while all employees will remain in their current locations. The newly acquired software company has 32 employees, according to LinkedIn.

Dura Software launched in June 2018 when it announced its first acquisition Moki Mobility Inc., which provides cloud-based software for managing large numbers of mobile devices. Founded by Paul Salisbury, Dura’s CEO, and San Antonio entrepreneur Michael Girdley, executive chairman, the duo decided to change the holding firm’s original name from Dura Holdings to reflect its focus on acquiring and operating niche software companies with annual revenue of $1.5 million to $4 million.

Dura’s objective is to accelerate the newly acquired companies by helping them expand into new markets while developing their products and services.

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Dura closed its initial $10 million round of investment financing in October 2019. Since then, the operating company has been profitable, “plowing excess revenue back into making more acquisitions,” Girdley said.

“Growth continues to be explosive. We’re excited to be the second-largest software company in San Antonio ranked by revenues,” Girdley said. [Mailgun is number one, according to Girdley.] At almost three years old, we have the right team in place to continue our growth.”

Dura’s second acquisition was the California-based company 6Connex, a virtual events platform provider that has grown exponentially since the pandemic forced many into planning virtual events. Dura then bought the Denmark-based Nordic IT, a software company specializing in email software for enterprise users in the maritime shipping industry. In November 2020, Dura acquired Lane, a global provider of integrated messaging platforms within the health care, banking, and commercial markets. By January 2021, Dura had bought Vertex Systems, a technology company that delivers easy-to-use software to organizations serving adults with disabilities.

Dura Holdings is an entirely new type of software-focused company that acquires and operates B2B (business-to-business) software companies with the intent never to sell them. Their office at 425 Soledad St. places Dura Holdings in the heart of San Antonio’s growing downtown tech district.

“The common model for many private equity firms is to acquire companies, optimize for growth, and then sell them,” Salisbury said. “Our approach is a ‘buy and hold.’ It is a different model that we find is resonating very well with the target companies we approach.”

The featured image is of the entrance to Dura Software, a niche software holding company in downtown San Antonio. Photo credit: Startups San Antonio

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