Co-working Spaces, Startup Programs, and Investors in San Antonio

By Iris Gonzalez
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San Antonio is experiencing a boom in startup activity. The downtown co-working community at Geekdom has grown to over 1,700 members since it opened its doors in 2011. Newly announced programs for entrepreneurially minded founders include incubators, pre-accelerators, accelerators, even a civically engaged residency program with the City of San Antonio.

To help you keep track, let’s look at the three basic categories of resources any startup founder will eventually look for when starting a business: co-working spaces, startup programs, and investors in San Antonio.

San Antonio Co-Working Spaces

What are the different options for co-working spaces in San Antonio?

San Antonio has a variety of available co-working spaces that suit a founder’s needs for location, access, budget, benefits, and vibe. Co-working spaces offer startups the opportunity to work in a shared working environment. Many smaller companies not belonging to the same organization typically co-habit the space. Using co-working spaces offers an affordable option for those first starting a company. Many co-working spaces provide added benefits such as working alongside other members of a startup community, conference meeting spaces, mailboxes, and event space.

Here are the co-working spaces currently available in San Antonio:

Startup Programs such as Incubators, Accelerators

San Antonio’s list of boot camps, incubators, and accelerators is growing. Startup boot camps can be an entry into the startup community by teaching basic skills in entrepreneurship or by acting like highly compressed incubators. An incubator primarily aims to help the entrepreneur vet, validate, and refine their proposed solution. An accelerator generally takes a small percentage of equity in exchange for small amounts of capital and mentorship over the course of a coaching program ranging from three to six months.

San Antonio’s startup incubators, accelerators, and other entrepreneurial programs include those listed below and does not include entrepreneurial programs specifically designed for students.

Investors and other Venture Capital Sources in San Antonio

There are over 50 San Antonio-based investors listed in the Alamo Angel’s investor directory. Also, there are other venture funds, investors, and possible sources of funding such as loans in San Antonio.

Be sure to visit our Startups Resources page for this and other helpful information for San Antonio-based entrepreneurs.

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