Newchip Startup City Video Highlights San Antonio

By Joshua Lawton-Belous
Newchip advisor Joshua Lawton interviews startup founders in San Antonio. Courtesy image.

Spend some time in San Antonio and it’ll be impossible for you to miss the vibrancy and feeling of change that permeates all of downtown. From the rebuilding of the downtown to the people, San Antonio is optimistic about its future prospects. Nowhere is this feeling of exuberance more profound than in San Antonio’s startup community.

The Austin-based accelerator program Newchip sent its video producer Armando Vera Carvajal to accompany me on our visit to San Antonio to interview investors for a Newchip series that we are calling “Investor Talks.”

It soon became apparent that rather than only talking with investors, we wanted to take the pulse of San Antonio’s startup community. We wanted to know why entrepreneurs decided to build their businesses in San Antonio and get their take on what San Antonio needs to continue to grow its startup community.

What the entrepreneurs told us might surprise you.


Newchip advisor Joshua Lawton interviewed startup founders in San Antonio. Courtesy image.

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