Geekdom Co-Founder Launching Startup School in the Rand Building— ‘The District’

By Iris Gonzalez
Creator of The District Nick Longo teaches a class of students at Geekdom

Geekdom is launching an entrepreneurship school with one of its co-founders as “headmaster.” The District will offer a repeating six-week entrepreneurship course of nighttime classes. Geekdom co-founder Nick Longo founded the new school to teach students “about the entrepreneur’s toolbox and how to use those tools effectively,” he told Startups San Antonio.

Cost for Geekdom members will be $299, $499 for nonmembers. There are 100 available slots for the three cohorts scheduled in 2019. The first class of 36 students debuts Feb. 4, 2019. To get on the application list, email or visit The District’s website.

The course will take place in the newly renovated basement in the Rand Building on Houston Street. Geekdom CEO David Garcia explained how Geekdom’s basement renovation, to be completed sometime in late November, includes two new classrooms.

“The idea was to have more meetup space in the basement,” Garcia said. “When Nick explained his idea for The District, it fit well with the two classrooms we’ll have.”

Longo is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of business experience. He built and sold two tech-based businesses—Longo’s CoffeeCup Software company is still going strong since he founded it 22 years ago. Having mentored over 1,000 people in the seven years since Geekdom opened its doors and working with two universities as a business mentor the past two years, Longo decided to use the practical experience he shares in mentoring as the basis for a condensed program taught by seasoned entrepreneurs.

The District's founder Nick Longo stands out the basement entrance in the Rand Building where Geekdom's new entrepreneurship school will be based. Courtesy photo.
The District’s founder Nick Longo stands outside the basement entrance in the Rand Building where Geekdom’s new entrepreneurship school will be based. Courtesy photo.

“I’m shredding the lessons [for entrepreneurs] and reforming it based on the five questions I ask everyone. What problem are you solving? Who is your customer? How are you going to market it? How are you going to sell it? What is your noble cause?”

The coursework will be divided into those lessons aimed at developing the entrepreneur’s mindset and those centered on their “heart set,” or personal motivation for starting a business. Students will have access to mentor hours and guest speakers will augment the coursework led by Longo. The course ends with a 30-hour capstone event akin to a three-day pitch startup challenge.

“The reason to create this came from a desire to have more entrepreneurs in San Antonio who can succeed at whatever business they choose,” Longo said. “I believe we are all born as entrepreneurs, we just need the right tools in our toolbox to have real success at it.”

The course is open to all types of entrepreneurs, not just those working on tech startups, according to Longo. The District looks to provide those interested in entrepreneurship with hands-on learning based on real-world experience.

“We'll go beyond theory to start and grow a business from day one,” Longo said. “This will be all about the practical application of years of knowledge compressed into an intense, fun, and life-changing six weeks.” Click To Tweet

Featured image is of Nick Longo teaching entrepreneurship to a class of students visiting Geekdom. Courtesy photo.


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