WellAware Launches a Smart Indoor Air Purification Service For Businesses

By Iris Gonzalez
Mi Tierra was the first business to use WellAware's indoor smart air purification unit. Courtesy photo.

A San Antonio tech startup focused over the last eight years on industrial remote monitoring of devices at oilfields is now working with local businesses to help protect staff and customers from COVID-19.

WellAware launched its hardware and software solutions in 2012 to help oil and gas companies remotely monitor drilling equipment, well production, and pipeline operations. Since the pandemic impacted the oil and gas industry, CEO and co-founder Matt Harrison has been busy expanding WellAware’s customer base.

Harrison said his goal is to help connect “people to the things that matter” in manufacturing, logistics, and now, local San Antonio businesses.

The tech startup launched an initiative earlier this month called Breathe Puro San Antonio. It is focused on helping restaurants and businesses safely stay open by leveraging a proven air scrubber technology solution that can remove airborne viruses indoors.

WellAware has partnered with Purafil, manufacturer of the PuraShield, a medical-grade air infiltration system used in medical and industrial settings that removes 99.99% of aerosols carrying viruses through a patented four-step filtration process.

Adding WellAware’s remote monitoring platform makes the combined PureAware system into a smart air purifier with remote monitoring capabilities. WellAware’s app remotely monitors the air purifier’s performance and notifies the user when to replace filters.

Businesses interested in trying out the indoor air purification system can use it for free until January 31 under no contractual obligation. After the free trial period is over, business owners can choose to keep them under a commercial agreement with WellAware or have them picked up from the business.

“WellAware exists to connect people to the things that matter,” Harrison said. “In most cases, those ‘things’ are machines and other equipment, but in this case, those ‘things’ are businesses, people, and the community’s health at large. This is our way to help the San Antonio community fight back against COVID-19 and keep businesses open in the safest possible way.”

PureAware mobile app monitors indoor air purification performance, courtesy photo
PureAware mobile app monitors indoor air purification performance, courtesy photo.

Purafil’s patented molecular technology is “proven and tested by leading air researchers and scientists as well as used by universities, healthcare facilities and institutions all over the country,” Purafil president Tony Querciagrossa wrote. The addition of WellAware’s remote monitoring platform makes it easier for busy business owners to check on the air purification system’s status at all times.

La Familia Cortez Restaurants was the first business to sign on in early December to use the PureAware indoor air purification system at its iconic restaurant Mi Tierra.

“We know that COVID-19 is something that we will have to live with for the foreseeable future, so our goal is to make our restaurants as safe as possible to work and dine in,” said Pete Cortez, COO and third-generation family member of La Familia Cortez Restaurants. “We’re … encouraging other restaurants and businesses that are looking for ways also to give their customers cleaner air as well as peace of mind dining in this winter to be part of Breathe Puro San Antonio.”

Mr. Gatti’s Pizza, both here in San Antonio and other locations nationally, Biga on the Banks, the Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, The CE Group, and about 25 more businesses are participating in the trial program to use the PureAware indoor air filtration system.

As the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic continue to impact business owners, the indoor air filtration system adds an extra layer of protection for patrons and employees who are congregating indoors.

“PureAware made a difference to our customers’ peace of mind, and the restaurants that installed these units have seen significant revenue increases,” Mr. Gatti’s CEO Jim Phillips stated.

Restaurants and businesses interested in joining the Breathe Puro San Antonio effort should click here for more information.

The WellAware CEO anticipates that monitoring indoor air quality will continue to be a priority even after the pandemic recedes. “Even when COVID-19 is no longer a threat, indoor air quality will continue to be an important issue,” Harrison said.

The featured image is of Mi Tierra, the first business to use WellAware’s indoor smart air purification unit. Courtesy photo.

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