Startups San Antonio 2019 Book

Innovative entrepreneurial activity in San Antonio is gaining momentum, and people are noticing.

The San Antonio Startups 2019 book is available for purchase and will remain in circulation throughout 2019.

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In this inaugural compilation of companies to watch, we’ve highlighted 20 stories from Startups San Antonio’s first year of coverage to show the types of innovation one can find in San Antonio, Texas.

You will discover entrepreneurs in bioscience and healthcare, cybersecurity, SaaS, augmented and virtual reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, and startups working at the intersection of tech and social impact.

These stories highlight groundbreaking approaches, powerful collaborations, and intriguing ideas that will shape the city’s startup ecosystem throughout 2019 and beyond. If you are interested in San Antonio’s community of innovators and want to know which companies to watch, this magazine-sized, softcover book shines a light on the city’s emerging tech and science ecosystem.

San Antonio 2019 Startups Book

The San Antonio Startups 2019 book is available for purchase and will remain in circulation throughout 2019.

Buy the book

If ordering more than two copies, please contact for shipping options.

“Startups San Antonio finally gets it right and tells the story that has been a secret for far too long. News flash: San Antonio has an incredible startup scene filled with businesses solving some really tough problems in incredible ways.

Up until now, these startup stories have been siloed and mostly only heard by people who are involved with getting the products and services off the ground. Now, with the inaugural issue of Startups San Antonio’s Companies to Watch, the veil is lifted and we have clarity into the who, what, and most importantly, the why of these incredible local companies on their missions to change the world.

With her in-depth coverage of the companies that are featured, Iris elegantly captures the passion and spirit of the San Antonio startup world. The reader is left with an understanding of the personal connection the founders have to their projects, as well as what the future has in store for each company.

I highly recommend Iris’s book to anyone who is curious about what is really going on in San Antonio that keeps many of us so excited for the future.”

– Slidewave founder and CEO David Daeschler

As a publisher focused exclusively on highlighting San Antonio’s science and technology innovation, I promise there’s much more than what appears between these covers. We hope you’ll read and follow online to learn more what makes San Antonio a special place for innovation and investment.

“If you want to know what innovation is happening in San Antonio the resource to check is Startups San Antonio.”

– Active Capital founder and CEO Pat Matthews

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Companies featured in Startups San Antonio 2019:

  • BioBridge Global is a nonprofit company leveraging its diverse biomedical services to meet critical medical industry needs.
  • Braustin Mobile Homes leverages technology to make mobile homeownership feasible for more home buyers.
  • Brokerage Engine is an online SaaS platform for broker agents and brokerage firms.
  • Chargify offers a SaaS customized customer subscriber billing services for businesses.
  • Cityflag bridges the gap between city governments and their residents with civic engagement software platforms.
  • CyberFortress provides small to mid-market businesses cyber insurance coverage.
  • Dauber is a SaaS solution designed for the dump truck industry.
  • DC Industries creates customized cybersecurity and information technology training for transitioning military service members.
  • Dearduck’s SaaS platform helps businesses provide personalized recommendations for their customers to make informed purchases.
  • Flightpath Finance gives mid-market companies current financial modeling forecasting and modeling capabilities.
  • FunnelAI uses artificial intelligence to automate the sales lead generation and marketing process for companies.
  • GaitIQ is a primary healthcare SaaS application using machine learning and AI software designed to detect early signs of dementia.
  • GenCure provides cell and tissue services for regenerative medicine, including patient treatment and clinical research.
  • Inflow is focused on innovative cyber and information technology (IT) services in support of U.S. national security.
  • Intrinsic Imaging is a full-service medical imaging core lab focused on supporting clinical trials for medical devices.
  • Kinetech Cloud is an IT consulting and software development firm specializing in enterprise custom app development.
  • Olifant Medical is a medical device company bringing the next-generation airwar device to the market.
  • PATCH is an internet-connected medicine bottle invented by two Trinity University students.
  • Plus One Robotics equips industrial robots with their proprietary computer vision and artificial intelligence for enhanced automation.
  • QualTex provides biological testing services to screen whole blood and plasma donations for international biotechnology customers.
  • Ractive works with game studios, government agencies, and businesses to develop cinematics and virtual reality experiences.
  • Reckon Point specializes in indoor navigation, positioning and scanning technologies.
  • StemBioSys is a life-science tool company specializing in stem and progenitor cells, matrices, media, and other reagents.
  • The IMG Studio creates client-focused content leveraging video production, animation, web, virtual and augmented reality, and customized applications.

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