Easy Expunctions Seals Deal with Goodwill, Lands $1.6M in Funding

By Iris Gonzalez
An image of Capitol Factory co-founder Joshua Baer taking a selfie with Capitol Factory Challenge winner and Easy Expunctions founder Yousef Kassim (R). Photo credit: Iris Gonzalez.

Easy Expunctions, a software as a service (SaaS) company that expedites the clearing of criminal records for certain minor offenses, has signed a deal with Goodwill Industries of Central Texas. The startup has also raised nearly $1.6 million from 18 equity investors, according to a recent U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing. There is a total of $2.2 million in the expected funding round.

The San Antonio-based startup has recently formalized a partnership with Goodwill Industries of Central Texas for its internal use of Easy Expunctions software.

“We built them a custom portal that they [Goodwill] can use so their agents can internally run intelligent background checks on the clients they serve,”  Easy Expunctions CEO Yousef Kassim said. “Goodwill provides workforce counseling to about 18,000 annually, so being able to determine their potential eligibility for an expunction is a powerful tool in their toolkit of services.”

Kassim said the national average of those with a criminal record is 40 percent, while Goodwill’s clients with a record and seeking re-entry into the workforce average about 60 percent. Kassim said his company has already trained 60 Goodwill employees. Plans include expanding the expunction service to Goodwill chapters in the Central Texas region, including in San Antonio.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Easy Expunctions to bring program participants an opportunity to remove eligible information about arrests, charges, or convictions from background checks,” Goodwill Central Texas announced today on their Facebook page. “This is another way we can help our program participants take [the] next steps towards employment.”

Kassim developed patented software algorithms based on a state’s laws for obtaining expunctions and created an automated system for people seeking an expunction, a legal process for permanently removing certain types of arrests, charges, or convictions from a person’s public records. The online platform quickly determines which criminal records are eligible for expungement from public databases and offers an online legal software service that saves the person from paying thousands of dollars in legal fees for traditional legal services.  A person with a record of minor offenses can check Easy Expunction’s website for an immediate response to eligibility for the expunction service for which Kassim charges roughly $500.

Operating out of the Vogue Building on Houston Street, the startup has about 25 full-time employees, as shown on LinkedIn.

Easy Expunctions won the April 2018 Capitol Factory pitch competition and a$100,000 cash investment out of 151 San Antonio-area entrepreneurs competing. Winning the challenge included participation in the Capital Factory’s accelerator program, which gives startups access to investors and mentors. Since the April competition, Kassim has been on multiple road trips to pitch to investors and has benefitted from the program’s mentorship.

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Kassim has traveled to New York, Dallas, and Houston, to pitch to investors in those cities. There has been little pressure to move the startup from San Antonio, Kassim said.

“Investors understand our commitment to San Antonio, how we don’t need to be in Austin to work with them,” Kassim said. “They want us to be in an environment where we will be successful.”

As to his thoughts on San Antonio’s ecosystem and its recent progress, Kassim was optimistic.

“We’re headed in the right direction,” Kassim said. “One thing I will say about this community as compared to other startup communities—the sense of camaraderie is unique, as folks have shared interests in building a successful entrepreneurial environment.”

Featured image is of Capitol Factory co-founder Joshua Baer taking a selfie with Capitol Factory Challenge winner and Easy Expunctions founder Yousef Kassim (R). Photo credit: Startups San Antonio

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