Dura Software acquires telehealth software platform SecureVideo

By Iris Gonzalez
The entrance to Dura Software, a holding company in downtown San Antonio. Photo credit: Startups San Antonio

Dura Software, a San Antonio-based holding company specializing in acquiring and scaling hyper-niche software products, has acquired its ninth company. The latest to join Dura is SecureVideo, a leading secure software as a service (SaaS) telehealth platform for the healthcare industry. 

SecureVideo’s CEO, Jonathan Taylor, will lead the company as it transitions into the Dura Software portfolio of companies. Based in Alameda, California, SecureVideo will move its headquarters to San Antonio, while its employees (nine, according to LinkedIn) will remain in their current locations.

SecureVideo provides a flexible, reliable telehealth technology solution to behavioral health organizations, medical groups, hospitals, physician offices, specialty healthcare organizations, and other medical organizations. Their HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based telehealth platform is designed to streamline the telehealth workflow.

The pandemic has driven more users to SecureVideo’s platform, with traffic growing 30 times over its pre-pandemic baseline. The growth in demand has prompted the company to quickly scale its operations, which it will now be able to do after its acquisition from Dura.

“Jonathan Taylor and his team have created a highly scalable SaaS solution that enables a loyal group of physicians and practitioners to serve their patients safely and effectively every day,” stated Paul Salisbury, Dura Software CEO in a release issued Wednesday. “SecureVideo has a seasoned team that understands the healthcare market and how to best leverage technology to make the lives of healthcare professionals and patients easier.” 

Dura is an entirely new type of software-focused company that acquires and operates B2B (business-to-business) software companies with the intent never to sell them. Dura has been acquiring niche software companies that serve critical business needs since June 2018 when it announced its first acquisition Moki Mobility Inc., a cloud-based software for managing large numbers of mobile devices.

Founded by Paul Salisbury, Dura’s CEO, and San Antonio entrepreneur Michael Girdley, executive chairman, Dura’s focus is on acquiring and operating niche software companies with annual revenue of at least $1.5 million to $4 million. Their office at 425 Soledad St. places Dura Holdings in the heart of San Antonio’s growing downtown tech district.

“The acquisition of SecureVideo by Dura Software will provide the resources and expertise we need to scale our product capabilities, customer support, and market reach well beyond what would have otherwise been possible,” wrote Taylor. “With Dura’s assistance, the company will be able to rapidly add important features and functionality to our world-class product, amplify our customer-first culture, and expand our customer footprint, all while maintaining the high standard of excellence we have always worked to achieve.”

The featured image is of the entrance to Dura Software, a niche software holding company in downtown San Antonio. Photo credit: Startups San Antonio

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