‘Bloc Bash’ Signals Growing Blockchain Community in San Antonio

By Iris Gonzalez
Bloc Bash blockchain event

You’ve heard the terms. Blockchain. Bitcoin. Coin base.

Multiple groups in San Antonio have been meeting regularly to share and network about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. That growing community is coalescing into a contingent of experts and newcomers alike, one that will rally Saturday at the first Bloc Bash blockchain event.

The event is June 16 from 5:30-9 p.m. There are a limited number of free tickets, RSVP here.

The Bloc Quarry and the San Antonio Technology Center are hosting the Bloc Bash to give cryptocurrency enthusiasts the opportunity to network across the blockchain community and learn more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies from the evening’s guest speakers. In addition to free beer, liquor, food, there will be DJ music, Ping-Pong tables, rooftop golf putting, and the Wild West Crypto radio show hosts will be present.

Industry leaders and experts in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space will speak at Bloc Bash. The speakers will talk about the future for blockchain, cryptocurrencies, regulation, and initial coin offerings or ICO investing and include:

Those new to cryptocurrency are welcome as this and future events are structured to build community interest and expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Adrianna Mendez works at Cypherglass, an EOS block producer. Mendez is one of the people charged with maintaining the EOS network, a new type of blockchain that is a borderless network enabling digital transactions.  Cypherglass represents the community of EOS holders who hold the tokens for these transactions. Mendez will talk about how the EOS network is participating in San Antonio’s cryptocurrency community as it grows globally.

“We have many EOS holders here and millions of EOS tokens distributed globally,” Mendez said. “We’re looking forward to educating people about the EOS community and the overall value of blockchain technology.”

The blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger for transactions made in digital currency like bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Its applications go beyond the strictly financial. Holders of digital credentials like mortgage documents, personal identification, or medical history could potentially leverage blockchain technology to move digital information across multiple chains of transactions safely and securely.

Mendez points out that blockchain can be leveraged for community building. One example is in the remittance market, in which people work in the U.S. but send money to their families overseas.

“Blockchain can be used to do this for lower fees, and with a decentralized application like EOS, someone can send money globally in less than 10 minutes,” Mendez said.  “This doesn’t exist now on the enterprise level currently, but the EOS network could change all that.”

Co-founder Javier Guerra launched Bloc Quarry in 2017 to help organizations transform processes using their “white glove” blockchain service.

“We advise organizations on regulatory constraints and on integrating blockchain into organizations,” Guerra said. “Education is our focus, so we can help companies find or train developers to build a custom blockchain turnkey solution or make a decision on a particular blockchain technology that can improve a company’s process.”

Bloc Quarry is actively engaged in organizing the local blockchain community.

“We’re bringing people intent on solving serious problems using blockchain innovation to leverage innovative solutions,” Guerra said.

Alex Eaton is an unbridled blockchain enthusiast, with his B-Libre podcast, about bitcoin, plus a radio show every Saturday from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. The Wild West Crypto Show is syndicated in six large U.S. cities, including Chicago and Miami.

As a BRD Wallet community manager, Eaton explains BRD Wallet’s interest in sponsoring events is to help build a robust community of new and experienced people in crypto. Plans are for holding events every month. Next month’s event will be held in Austin, with future events eventually spreading across Texas and beyond.

In building the crypto and blockchain ecosystem, Eaton emphasizes “it’s entrepreneurs, it’s people from every walk of life getting into crypto, like lawyers, realtors,” he said.  “I think this technology can change the world in a good way.”

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