Allosense joins National Security Innovation Network Propel Program

By Iris Gonzalez
Roman Sandoval

Allosense, a technology startup specializing in advanced sensors and measurement solutions, is one of 16 startups chosen for the highly selective National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) Propel Program. The accelerator program supports startups developing emerging technologies the U.S. federal government urgently needs for national defense and space exploration.

NSIN Propel is run in partnership with the National Security Innovation Network, Decisive Point, an investment and advisory firm investing in emerging technologies for security, health, energy, and critical infrastructure, and Newlab, a technology accelerator for defense-focused startups located in New York City’s Brooklyn Navy yard.

The four-month accelerator program will provide Allosense product development resources, access to a network of advisors and investors, and opportunities for direct engagement with the U.S. Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) and the broader Department of Defense community.

The accelerator program ends with a September 19 Demo Day designed to help founders like Sandoval attract investment from trusted private capital and government end-users. 

“This is a strategic development for us,” said Allosense founder and CEO Roman Sandoval. “It helps us become more visible for potential DOD acquisition and interested inventors.”

The San Antonio startup has created an “always connected” asset tracker. The asset trackers are cell phone-sized devices always in communication, either on-demand or as configured on the app.

Allosense’s patented technology uses 5G cellular, satellite, and mesh communication for detailed monitoring of aerospace equipment that helps companies easily integrate smart sensors for collecting data and tracking assets. Customers use the data analytics from the connected sensors for tracking and measuring temperature and other environmental conditions during shipment and storage.

Allosense serves large government and commercial entities in defense logistics at several Air Force bases and some of the largest electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers in the U.S. 

Uber co-founder Garrett Camp‘s venture capital firm Expa invested an undisclosed pre-seed funding amount in Allosense in July 2021. Finance executives at Bumble and Rackspace have also backed the serial entrepreneur and inventor. 

Sandoval launched his first company Wavecast Technologies in 2013 and ran it until 2019. He provided engineering testing services for Fortune 100 companies and was a vendor for Tesla.

That vendor connection led to Sandoval working at Tesla, overseeing manufacturing test engineering. The Allosense CEO led the development of the Pack Pulse system used in the battery wire-bond testing system for the Tesla Model 3 sedan from 2016 to 2018.

Once he joined Geekdom, a San Antonio startup community, Sandoval and Mel Du co-founded Trini Corp. to develop a portable off-road wheelchair. The co-founders participated in the Techstars Boulder 2019 cohort, with Du remaining in Colorado to work on the renamed Ramp Robotics while Sandoval returned to San Antonio.

Sandoval is now focused on engineering high-volume manufacturing systems into a commercial concept for connected sensor hardware for industries and military use — what has since become Allosense, Inc.

“Our always-connected sensors can be used as asset trackers in various logistics operations,” Sandoval said. “Our ‘Sensing-as-a-Service’ platform fulfills use cases in multiple sectors.”

Sandoval’s longer-range plans include raising seed and Series A funding to support the multiple applications for Allosense’s advanced technology platform. 

“It is our hope that this program not only helps us further develop our product offerings but creates additional opportunities for growth and expansion,” Sandoval said. “Our goal is to build a trusted IoT electronics manufacturing capability in the United States.”

The featured image is of Roman Sandoval, founder and CEO of Allosense, courtesy photo.

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