Allosense debuts new data fabric tech at SXSW

By Iris Gonzalez
Roman Sandoval

Allosense, a technology startup specializing in advanced sensors and measurement solutions, debuted a new product at SXSW this year. Allosense’s new data fabric technology called Dash has the potential to revolutionize how data is collected, analyzed, and shared in industries ranging from aerospace to healthcare.

Data fabric technology is a way of managing data that combines different types of information from various sources, such as cloud, on-premises, and edge devices, into one centralized location. This technology enables data integration in real-time and at a large scale for analytical and operational purposes.

Data fabric also helps to standardize data management practices, making it easier to access and analyze data consistently across different endpoints. With data fabric, businesses can deliver enriched data to different applications and services, regardless of where they are hosted or accessed.

Allosense launched in 2020 with its “always connected” asset tracker. Their asset trackers are cell phone-sized devices always in communication, either on-demand or as configured on the app.

Allosense’s patented technology uses 5G cellular, satellite, and mesh communication for detailed monitoring of aerospace equipment that helps companies easily integrate smart sensors for collecting data and tracking assets. Customers use the data analytics from the connected sensors for monitoring and measuring temperature and other environmental conditions during shipment and storage.

The data fabric technology allows Allosense’s connected sensors to collect and process data in real-time, creating a seamless flow of information that users can access at any time. This technology has already been integrated into Allosense’s asset trackers, which provide detailed monitoring of aerospace equipment and electric battery use cases.

“Our emphasis is on the data ingestion piece, specifically, with our manufacturing of instruments and sensors,” Allosense founder and CEO Roman Sandoval said. “That incoming data flow informs the end user if there are any issues with the assembly of batteries for electric vehicles.”

Allosense serves large government and commercial entities in defense logistics at several Air Force bases, and some of the largest electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers in the U.S.  Sandoval believes that data fabric technology is the key to unlocking the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and creating a truly connected world.

“Our goal is to build a trusted IoT electronics manufacturing capability in the United States,” said Sandoval. “We believe that our data fabric technology will be a game-changer in the IoT space, allowing us to provide more accurate and timely data to our customers.”

Sandoval launched his first company Wavecast Technologies in 2013 and ran it until 2019. He provided engineering testing services for Fortune 100 companies and was a vendor for Tesla. That vendor connection led to Sandoval working at Tesla, overseeing manufacturing test engineering. He led the development of the Pack Pulse system used in the battery wire-bond testing system for the Tesla Model 3 sedan from 2016 to 2018.

After launching Allosense in early 2020, Sandoval placed second in the 2020 Tech Fuel pitch competition. Allosense was also one of four startups selected from 500 applicants to participate in the Expa Pre-Seed Accelerator in 2021, backed by Uber Co-Founder Garrett Camp.

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The potential impact of the data fabric technology on Allosense’s growth with its real-time collecting and analyzing of data will allow the startup to offer new and innovative products and services to its customers and expand its reach into new industries. This could lead to significant growth for the startup, which has already gained a foothold in the defense logistics and electric vehicle manufacturing industries.

Sandoval’s longer-range plans include raising seed funding to support the multiple applications for Allosense’s advanced technology platform. Currently employing five full-time engineers, Sandoval plans to build its sales team and expand into new markets with its go-to-market strategies.

“The electric vehicle battery market is aggressively growing at 28 percent annually,” Sandoval said. “It’s projected to grow into a $155 billion industry, and we are focused on Allosense securing a piece of that market.”

The featured image is of Roman Sandoval, founder and CEO of Allosense, courtesy photo.

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